Printsonalities Paperie was born out of the Printsonalities Team’s passion for paper and the need for stationery sets with an updated sense of style whether for personal use or gift-giving. Your heartfelt thoughts and sincerest sentiments deserve to be written down on beautiful paper because these make for timeless keepsakes. Correspondence cards or personalized stationery have always been around but never have they been this attractive. Just opening a Printsonalities Paperie box brings a whole world of delight.

Stationery for a Cause

A gift that gives back

Our stationeries will not only make your words even more beautiful and memorable, they are vessels of hope and gratitude to make your messages so much more meaningful. A portion of the proceeds from this set are donated to , multiplying gratitude for generations to come, spanning to communities otherwise out of reach, and spreading love a thousand fold.

This collaboration has, so far been able to provide, 10 children quality early childhood education and we look forward to making a difference in the lives of many more. This will only be made possible by your continued patronage and support.

More about MovEd Molding Optimism and Values through Education (MovEd) is a non-stock, non-profit organization founded in 2012 that advocates and provides holistic early childhood care, education and development programs to children, ages 3 to 5, via formal and informal education - inclusive of health, livelihood skills training for parents and family care programs. The organization brings its programs to underserved communities around the Philippines through its Learning Labs. At present, MovEd operates twenty classrooms across the NCR (Navotas, Pasig, Paranaque) and the third district of Camarines Sur, serving a total of over seven hundred students and their families. Together, we can achieve more, and make a difference in the lives of our next generation! We look forward to your support!

Printsonalities X Alex Eduque for MovEd A partnership brewed from a shared love and passion for paper and everything beautiful; a synergy brought about by a common desire to spread gratitude and make a difference in the lives of the next generation. Led by Printsonalities’ founder and Chief Inspiration Officer, Chiw Bailon — It is the fervent hope of Chiw and the rest of her team that Printsonalities’ Paperie line can bring back the fun, excitement and romance in writing letters, notes and cards in handwritten form. After all, there’s nothing like being able to receive a heartwarming message written down in beautiful stationery that one can touch and feel and be able to keep in the years to come. In the hopes of Printsonalities to make small waves of change, Chiw tapped budding designer and social advocate Alex Eduque to come on board and create capsule collections for the benefit of the cause closest to her heart. With three children of her own, the cause of MovEd resonates heavily with Chiw, and the synergy of being able to make a difference while simultaneously offering its patrons with heavily inspired and unique designs is in sync with many of the company’s core values, most especially that of multiplying gratitude and sharing its blessings. Alex’s collections have been a treasure trove; an homage of sorts, if you will. To the people who continue to lend a hand and inspire her ceaselessly. To the experiences that have shaped her. To the places that have left her in awe, and have won a part of her heart. To stories that she have grown up with, and will forever continue to tell. To some of her most famous doodles and designs that have become a “signature” and a part of the work that she does. To the visions and aesthetic of those who inspire her most, and trust her enough to create her own renditions. And to members of the next generation who bring smiles wherever they go, and remind her why she has set-out to do what she does.

Modern Living TV Guesting July 2018 One of the influencers and inspiration boards from the Palabras Interpretadas collection, Stephanie Zubiri-Crespi sits down with Printsonalities Chief-Inspiration-Officer Chiw Bailon and guest designer Alex Eduque who walk her through the process involved — from start to finish — in the creation of her own personalized Paperie stationery set. Have a look, and see how we can customize your very own set, and literally print your personality on paper. Do you want Alex or one of Printsonalities' creative geniuses to design a personalized stationery set just for you? Click the link and send us an email.