Fill your day with nice things

Just because something is meant for everyday use doesn’t mean that it has to look commonplace.

Multiply gratitude

Whether you give a box of personalized notecards or a stunning notebook, giving a practical, thoughtful and personal gift shows how important someone is to you.

Nothing beats writing

There are a few things in this world more heartwarming than a handwritten note.

About Printsonalities’ Paperie : Multiplying Gratitude Printsonalities, the company which quite literally “prints out personality” was born out of a passion for paper in 1998. With the desire to service the needs for personalized paper products (the likes of notepads, stickers, labels, ribbons, mouse pads etc...), sisters Chiw Bailon and Noky Gatmaitan expanded their line to include what they see to be the greatest expression of people’s personalities: weddings and milestone event invites. And after that first wedding invitation was printed and sent out, the company has never looked back. Two decades later, Printsonalities continues to blaze ahead in the paper industry – setting the highest standards for quality and personal service for invitations and stationery. Paperie, a line that focuses solely on personalized stationeries is a sub-brand of Printsonalities that sets out to multiply gratitude. With a vision to bring the art of writing notes back into society’s collective consciousness, Printsonalities’ Chief Inspiration Officer, Chiw Bailon saw this as a potential platform to do their share in creating and encouraging a more appreciative world. In her words, “Giving personalized stationery expresses how important someone is to you by giving them a practical and personalized gift – a gift that they will eventually use to convey their most tender messages. The premium stationery products give beautiful thoughts an exquisite vessel. Printsonalities’ Paperie comes as a reminder of the value of thoughtfulness in our relationships.” Quite frankly, there’s nothing like receiving a heartwarming message written in beautiful stationery that is scrapbook worthy, and which one can keep for years to come. And with Paperie’s mission of wanting to re-kindle the fun, excitement and even the romance in writing letters and notes, its vision is moving way past selling quality products as a business. Simply put, Paperie’s dream is to create a community for people who share the same interests as they do, so that collectively, more can be achieved.